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Fitness Assessments

Are you hoping to get and stay fit? The first step is often the hardest. In fact, you may not even know where to start. At Cambridge Fitness, we strive to give our members a convenient solution to personal fitness. Our team of experts and personal trainers can help you determine your current fitness level with our fitness assessment. You will gain insight into how to achieve your long- and short-term goals.

Fitness Assessment - Cambridge Fitness

What is a Fitness Assessment?

A physical fitness assessment is a series of tests and exercises that evaluate overall health. There is no one template for a fitness assessment, and different providers will use various approaches to get their clients’ results. Some trainers may offer a cardio fitness score, while others may give you a write-up of your overall health and physical fitness. Our assessments include body composition, endurance, and flexibility in the results.

What to Expect During a Fitness Test

When you come in for a fitness age test or assessment, you can expect to be evaluated on a few core items: body composition, strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. Each of these aspects is crucial to general physical health, and evaluating them can give you a good idea of where to start when it comes to your fitness goals. Here’s an overview of a common fitness assessment:

Strength and Endurance

How much can you bench press? Strength training is a major part of any well-rounded workout. During your fitness assessment, we’ll conduct several tests to learn more about your current muscle endurance and core stability. The results of this test will be instrumental in pinpointing which muscle groups to train.

Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardio is one of the best things you can do for your physical health, and a cardio assessment will give you tips on where to start. Also called stress testing, this evaluation looks at your heart and lungs and how they work together to supply oxygen to the body. To determine your cardiovascular endurance, you may complete one of the following tests:

  • Exercise stress testing using a treadmill or stationary bike
  • 12-minute runs
  • Push-ups

Body Composition

Assessments examine the different aspects of your body weight, accounting for both muscle and fat. There are several ways to calculate body composition, the most common being body mass index (BMI). However, this method is always indicative of overall health, and we may also employ bioelectrical impedance analysis and InBody® Body Composition Analyzer to get a more accurate picture.


We often forget about the huge role flexibility plays in exercise. After all, if you have limited mobility, you’re also limited in which exercises you can safely do. We use a variety of tests to explore your current flexibility, including:

  • Sit-and-reach testing
  • Trunk lift testing
  • Shoulder flexibility testing

What to Do With Your Results

So you’ve received feedback after your fitness assessment—now what? It’s time to analyze your results and start thinking about an exercise routine that will meet all your needs. For example, if your strength is lacking, you may want to start with a few sessions in the weight room. If your flexibility needs work, be sure to work with a personal trainer to pick out safe, effective stretches. Don’t forget to think about your personal fitness goals—if you want to improve your cardio endurance, keep working on it, even if it’s one of your best categories. The key is creating a personalized workout you want to do!  Cambridge Fitness offers Personal Training and Nutrition programing.

Get Started at Any of Our Locations

There’s never a wrong time to start on your fitness journey. Cambridge Fitness is excited to welcome you to our locations in Raleigh-Brier Creek, Apex and Wilmington. Members take advantage of group exercise, personal training, water aerobics, and so much more. Contact us today for details.