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Offering the BEST Technology in the Area

We are excited to integrate state-of-the-art technology to help our members crush their fitness goals in an exciting way. In the past, you may have experienced the draining feeling that comes along with a bland fitness routine. Repeating the same exercises multiple times resulting in a steady loss of motivation. With our incredible fitness technology at your fingertips, you’ll discover a new and improved love for exercise. The smart products in our facilities include Preva® by Precor™,  the InBody® Body Composition Analyzer, Keiser™ technology, and wearable smart technology. Continue reading to learn about the benefits you’ll experience with Cambridge Fitness.


Personalized Fitness with Preva® by Precor™

treadmills at fitness gym in Raleigh

We are proud to offer the highly innovative Preva® – a connected fitness solution from Precor. Preva® appears on the screens of many different machines to make your workouts more entertaining. This technology displays a scenic destination of your choice. You can bike or run along exciting routes and feel resistance changes in real-time on your machine. You also have the option to watch or listen to online content via YouTube, Netflix, , and Spotify. Preva® tracks your progress over time and provides motivation to achieve your goals. This technology is integrated into the following machines throughout our facility:

• Treadmills
• Ellipticals
• Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMT)
• Recumbent Bikes
• Upright Bikes

InBody® Body Composition Analyzer

We all know that stepping on the scale can be daunting experience sometimes. However, knowing how much we weigh should not be the end-all-be-all when it comes to tracking your health. Overall wellness involves so much more than just the number on the scale. With the InBody® Body Composition Analyzer, you have the ability to truly learn the ins and outs of your health. This knowledge helps you determine where you should be focusing your energy when you come to the gym. InBody® provides a personalized fitness assessment that breaks the body into five segments, or “tubes”. This assessment provides the following information:

  • Muscle composition
  • Fat content
  • Lean mass of each body segment
  • Fat mass of each body segment
  • Balance between body segments
  • Progress over time

Keiser™ Pneumatic Technology

Keiser™ Pneumatic Technology is different from your traditional weight equipment. You will be able to take advantage of these innovative machines in our facility. Instead of having you push against weights, Keiser uses pneumatic cylinders to provide resistance. There are a number of benefits to this, including the following:

  • Keeps you free from injury
  • Provides resistance where it matters – in the middle of the movement
  • Allows you to move with speed
  • Minimizes negative impact on joints
  • Keeps muscles engaged with a full range of motion
  • Gives the option to increase or decrease resistance in one-pound increments

 Informative Consultations on Wearable Fitness Technology

Wearable fitness devices are the next frontier in digital health informatics. Many of these devices provide health data that can often feel confusing and difficult to digest. Our trained experts are here to help you make sense of the information that these devices provide. Whether you have an Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, or another device, we will help you transform the data into a plan of action. We will evaluate information including recovery levels, HRV ranges, and sleep scores. Then, we will recommend a workout plan based on your unique needs. Our trained experts are ready to create a personalized health strategy that works for you.



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