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Discover a world of yoga at Cambridge Fitness. From dynamic Vinyasa to serene Flow Yoga, we cater to all levels. Join us for a journey of wellness and balance led by experienced instructors in a welcoming community. Your mat awaits.


Join our Basic Yoga class, perfect for beginners and those wanting to revisit yoga’s essentials. Guided by experienced instructors, this class covers fundamental poses, gentle stretches, and breath awareness. You’ll build strength, flexibility, and a sense of relaxation. Join us to start or refine your yoga journey in a supportive and calming environment.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Welcome to our invigorating Vinyasa Flow Yoga class, where movement becomes a graceful dance with breath. This dynamic practice synchronizes each pose with inhales and exhales, creating a flowing sequence that builds strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

Gentle Yoga

Step into the tranquility of our Gentle Yoga class, a soothing and nurturing experience designed for all levels. In this class, you’ll enjoy a slower pace, focusing on gentle stretches, easy poses, and mindful breathing. Our skilled instructors will guide you through a practice that promotes relaxation, stress relief, and a greater connection with your body.

Chair Yoga

Step into the world of gentle movement and relaxation with our Chair Yoga class. Designed for individuals of all mobility levels, this class takes traditional yoga poses and adapts them to a seated or supported position. Using a chair as a prop, you’ll experience the benefits of yoga while enjoying the comfort of a stable seat.

Tai Chi

Step into a world of tranquility and movement with our Tai Chi class. Discover the art of “moving meditation” as we guide you through graceful, flowing exercises. Enhance your physical health, mental clarity, and emotional balance through slow, mindful movements. All levels are welcome to join this journey towards well-being. Come dressed comfortably and be ready to experience the transformative power of Tai Chi.

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