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One in every three people in America is over the age of 50. That number is expected to continue rising as more “Baby Boomers” move towards retirement age.

As you get older, you might find that some activities don’t come as easily to you as they did when you were younger like staying up late or finding success in the gym. Regarding the gym, if you haven’t made working out a priority over the years, you may be asking yourself things like, “Can you build muscle after 50?” or “Is it worth it to start exercising now?”

The answers to those questions are yes and yes!

Older adults can experience incredible muscle growth. The keys to getting staggering results often boil down to taking the following steps:

1. Lifting Heavier Weight

Strength training builds muscle more than endurance training.

This is a key reason why people that frequently go to the gym and complete large amounts of sets while lifting lightweight don’t build significant muscle. What you need to do instead is do fewer sets with heavier weight.

That will create more micro-tears in your tissue which means more growth during your recovery phase.

2. Prioritize Protein

For your muscles to properly recover after a workout, they’ll need the help of nutrients. Among the most important of those nutrients is protein.

Fortunately, Protein is easy to come by in many of your favorite foods!

Whether you eat oats in the morning, egg whites in the afternoon, or chicken breasts at night, we’re willing to bet that you’ll easily be able to create a pleasurable and protein-rich diet for yourself while training.

3. Get Supplemental Support

While getting nutrients from food is always best, it can be hard to fill your needs solely by eating. That’s where supplements can be extremely helpful.

Supplements include items like protein powder, creatine and other supportive comestibles that you can find at fitness centers and health food stores.

Always talk to your doctor before using supplements as they may interact with medications or health conditions.

4. Take Recovery Seriously

So much of the “Can you build muscle after 50” question hinges on your willingness to get rest. Without sleeping and taking days off from the gym, your muscles can’t get the space that they need to grow.

No matter how much you fall in love with being in the gym and taking all of those excellent classes your facility offers, remember that maximizing your days off is every bit as important as maximizing your days on.

5. Switch Up Your Routine

The more you “shock” your muscles in the gym, the more growth they’ll experience. The best way to shock your muscles is to challenge them with new workouts as often as possible. Preferably, under the guidance of a professional that can keep you safe when performing new movements.

At Cambridge Fitness, we offer access to a world-class training staff specializing in creating effective, safe and variable routines for our members.

Can You Build Muscle After 50? Yes! And You Can Get Started Today!

Believe it or not, the “Can You Build Muscle After 50” question is a common one that older adults ponder before committing to an active lifestyle. We hope our guidance in this post has inspired you to believe that you can build muscle so long as you take the right steps.

And if you need additional support to that end, our team is here to help! Cambridge Fitness is Wilmington, North Carolina’s preeminent fitness facility that caters to members age 35 and over.

We offer classes, personal training sessions and more that are perfect for fitness lovers of all skill levels.

Learn more about us today and consider becoming a member to start living a stronger and healthier life!

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