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The US government recommends that adults schedule at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise a week. If you’re looking for how to build lean muscle, however, you’ll need a different routine.

Keep reading for three tips on building muscle in your 30s. With these tips, you can get back to the gym and start accomplishing your fitness goals. 

Otherwise, you might find the wear and tear on your body is doing more harm than good. Without exercise, your body will start to deteriorate and weaken over time, too.

Start getting in shape at 30 with these three tips!

1. Set a Routine

When building muscle in your 30s, the first thing you need to do is schedule a routine. Right now, improving your strength is your primary goal. However, you don’t need to lift three times your body weight to discover how to get lean muscle. 

Instead, make a commitment to get to the gym for squats, deadlifting, and benching. Aim to lift one to 1.5 times your body weight. Making the commitment will help you learn how to build lean muscle in time. 

Only making it to the gym once a week, however, will put your goals much further out of reach.

Try to schedule a full-body training routine. That way, you hit all of your major muscle groups throughout the week. Consider working with a trainer, too. 

With a program, you can improve your strength, build muscle, and boost your power even in your 30s.

2. Improve Your Lifestyle

More than 80% of adults don’t meet the guideless for muscle-strengthening activities. For building muscle after 30, you’re going to make a lot of changes. In addition to increasing your muscle-strengthening activities, you’ll also need to:

  • Consume plenty of protein
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Limit carbs and sugars

There are also ways you can naturally increase your testosterone levels. When you hit the age of 30, your testosterone levels will start to decline. However, you can increase testosterone by:

  • Lifting weights
  • Reducing stress
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Eating more dietary fat 

Making these changes to your lifestyle will make building muscle in your 30s a lot easier than it seems. 

3. Let Yourself Recovery

Once you set a routine and start heading to the gym regularly, make sure you add sleep to your schedule too. If you sleep fewer than six hours a night, your body won’t heal properly.

In fact, sleep deprivation can increase your risk of weight gain and hypertension. It can also weaken your immune system, impact your mood, and hurt your sex drive.

Your body rebuilds while you’re sleeping. At the same time, your body releases growth hormones and rebuilds tissues, which is necessary if you’re building muscle in your 30s.

Improve your sleep by limiting your caffeine intake, setting a sleep routine, and limiting screen time before bed. Sleeping in colder temperatures can help, too. 

Getting into Shape: 3 Effective Fitness Tips for Building Muscle in Your 30s

Ready to get into shape? Give these three tips for building muscle in your 30s a try. By adjusting your lifestyle and changing your routine, you can get swole! Live the highest quality of life! Contact us today to learn more.

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