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Your Membership Questions Answered

Joining a fitness gym can be a big commitment, and it’s often a hassle to sort through all the terms and conditions for each individual center. At Cambridge Fitness, we strive to create a simple, straightforward process for becoming a member at our Wilmington, Apex, and Brier Creek fitness centers. Whether you’re hoping to come in once a month or plan to work out with us every day, we have the membership solution for you. Check out our frequently asked questions from prospective members.

How Much Does Membership Cost?

Membership costs vary depending on which location you’d like to join. But no matter where you plan to visit us, you’ll enjoy access to a range of resources, including personal training and nutrition coaching. Our basic membership fees run at these rates*:

  • Brier Creek – $129 a month per person or $200 a month per couple.
  • Wilmington – $125 a month per person
  • Apex – $45 a month per person

*Rates do not include enrollment fees

How Do I Sign Up for a Gym Membership?

Signing up for a gym membership at our fitness center is as easy as calling or emailing the location you’re interested in. A member of our friendly team will get you set up with a membership and explain all of the benefits that go along with joining.

Can I Sign Up in the Middle of a Month?

Certainly! We welcome new members at any time of the month. Each of our fitness gyms may handle partial months differently, so it’s essential to reach out to your location for details on the payment process.

Can I Change My Membership?

Yes! If you’d like to change your membership to the couples rate, let our front desk know. We’d be glad to help you get the most out of your membership fees. Here are the rates you can expect for couples memberships (enrollment fees may apply):

  • Apex location – $79 a month
  • Wilmington location – $100 a month
  • Brier Creek location – $200 a month

What Kinds of Benefits Do I Get?

Members are eligible for a wide range of benefits when they join the community at Cambridge Fitness. We understand everyone has different needs, so we aim to offer best-in-class technology, experienced coaches, and plenty of variety. Our members may take advantage of the following:

What Resources Will I Have Access to?

Once your membership is active, you’ll have access to lots of health and wellness resources. If you’re hoping to focus on physical health, we can pair you with a seasoned personal trainer. You’ll work together to build a comprehensive workout that gets you closer to your goals. If nutrition and food are a concern for you, consider meeting with one of our nutritionists to create a healthy meal plan. No matter your goals, we have resources available to you.

What Are Your Rates for Personal Training?

Like membership fees, our personal training rates vary by location. You can sign up for just one session or request a package of 10 appointments. Check out a brief overview of our personal training session rates:

  • Apex location—$30 per session, or $250 for a 10-session package
  • Wilmington location—$45 for 30 minutes, $60 for 60 minutes, or $90 for an hour
  • Brier Creek location—$45 for 30 minutes, $70 for 60 minutes, or $700 for an 11-session package

Can I Visit the Fitness Center Before Joining?

Of course! We encourage new members to check out our facilities before making the decision to join one of our locations. Simply give us a call, and we may be able to offer a quick tour of the fitness center.

What If I Only Plan to Workout a Few Times a Month?

Not everyone has time for a 24-hour fitness regimen. If you can only make it to the gym a few times a month, Cambridge Fitness is still here for you. You’re still eligible for membership, but it may make more sense for your needs to purchase a day pass. These passes run at about $15 and get you access to our equipment and many of our group exercise classes. The day pass is a great way to decide if a full membership is for you!

Ready to Start Your Wellness Journey?

The path toward good health and wellbeing isn’t always easy, but the destination is certainly worth it. If you’re hoping to jumpstart your wellness goals, be sure to join our fitness centers in Wilmington, Apex, and Brier Creek. Whether you plan to use a day pass or want to go all-in on couples membership, we’re excited to have you! Get in touch with us to sign up.