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Stay Fit and Healthy With Cambridge Fitness™

Our primary goal at Cambridge Fitness™ is to have you live your life in Optimal Health. No matter if you are training as a triathlete, need assistance post-surgery, or are just looking to make some necessary changes. With our highly trained staff, you can train how you want when you want. They can guide you and create personalized professional programs based on your needs and wants. You can find anything you need in our state-of-the-art facilities. We also provide private training sessions as well as group classes to help you feel more comfortable. If you have any questions about our fitness programs or about how you can fit into our healthy setting, please visit or give us a call.

Cambridge Fitness employee

Optimal Equipment. Optimal Programming.

We’ve made these modern fitness centers available to all Cambridge community members and residents in Wilmington, Apex, or Brier Creek, NC. You want to get healthy, and we want to help. Our professionally trained team members will help you navigate the best course of action for your comfortability, training-level, and health goals. Building the routine is critical to ensuring your success, and by working together, you can get advice and guidance along the way. Even if you choose to work out on your own, you can look forward to free weights, assisted machines, treadmills, exercise bikes, and so much more. Our group classes help you make new friends and accountability partners for your health journey.

Assistance With Physical Therapy

If you have just gone through an intense surgical process or need doctor-recommended physical therapy, Cambridge Fitness™ has you covered. Our uniquely designed classes and trainers can help you walk again and regain strength swiftly. Cambridge Fitness™ understands what it can be like when you have to depend on others to do tasks for you. With us, you can begin to live an independent life again in no time.

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy